Environmental and Sustainability Management



Wisconsin’s postgraduate programmes are designed to prepare graduates for advisory and leadership roles within organisations.

The MSc Environmental Sustainability & Management programme provides graduates the requisite skills and knowledge to take up senior-level roles in environmental sustainability, waste, sanitation and hygiene management and natural resource management.


Teaching methods:

Multiple methods of instruction are used, including lectures and discussion, case studies, small group work and projects.


Study options:
  • Classes take place on Evenings and/or Weekends at the Main Campus.


Courses Offered Include:











The course fee for the entirety of the 1 year MSc is $2000.


Payment Options



An expert in Environmental Sustainability & Management can find job opportunities in government ministries and other public sector organizations interested in policy analysis in the areas of sustainable development management of the environment, and international and nongovernmental organizations dealing with the sustainable dimensions of economic change. It can also work in public and private sector enterprises that carry out analyses of the relationship between environment and poverty, and applied research and teaching in research and higher education institutions.