Life as an international student means exploring and discovering a new culture. It also means constantly learning and adapting. You are suddenly separated from your home, your family, and your homeland. You can’t stop thinking about home

Imelda Nkogo Nkene, a level 300 BSc Marketing student at WIUC-Ghana speaks about how reluctant she was to move out of her comfort zone in Equatorial Guinea to school in Ghana.

Imelda Nkogo Nkene
Imelda Nkogo Nkene

According to Imelda, her first cultural shock was the hustle and bustle life of Accra; especially how people boarded the public transport (Trotro) which is so unusual to her but for the assurance of her guardian saying “Thanks to Mama Vera, my Ghanaian mum who taught me how to board a trotro since that was the only sustainable way I could transport myself around.”

The typically spicy Ghanaian food was no exception… “The Ghanaian food was a problem. I had to struggle to get used to some the Ghanaian dishes for some time,” she said.

Imelda describes herself as an introvert yet a people person. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and watching movies. She likes to write about relationships, family and matters concerning sexuality. Imelda hopes to use her knowledge of marketing to help people regardless of what sector she finds herself

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